Hard Sell
  I only meant to be at the store for ten minutes, but they gave me the hard sell. Thirty minutes later, they were still introducing products I hadn’t asked about. Hard sell is used to describe an aggressive way of selling something. This can be used via salesperson to customer or advertisement to customer.
  ——Heather Pfeiffer
  我僅僅是想在商店里逗留十分鐘的時間,但是售貨員硬是要介紹商店里的商品給我。三十分鐘後,他們依然還在介紹那些我完全不感興趣的產品。Hard sell用來描述強行售賣商品的方式。這個短語可以用在銷售人員對消費者,或者是針對顧客投放的硬性廣告。  (原標題:英文教學)


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